Groomsmen Gift Ideas

A lot of work goes into your wedding day. The bride and groom must do a lot of that themselves, but they also receive a lot of support. Attention on the wedding day will focus on how beautiful the brides and her bridesmaids look.

The groomsmen fall more into a supporting role in the background. That doesn’t mean they are any less important than the bridesmaids. Thank them for everything they do, including many of those small tasks such as making sure the groom didn’t decide to wear white socks with his dress shoes, by giving them a gift of appreciation.

This gift of appreciation is traditionally presented at the rehearsal dinner before the wedding.

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Typical Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Choosing the same gift for all of the groomsmen is something that is frequently used for groomsmen gift ideas. The advantage of this is it saves time shopping and avoids showing favoritism to one groomsman over any of the others.

One idea is jewelry such as cufflinks, these can then be worn during the wedding ceremony. Personalize them with each groomsman’s initials. Some other ideas of traditional gift ideas which are the same for each of the groomsmen are glasses, flasks, beer steins, or grilling or tool sets. Each of these can be engraved with the groomsman’s name and date of the wedding.

Less Common Groomsmen Gift Ideas

One of the less traditional groomsmen gift ideas is a gift that shows the groomsmen that just because their friend is getting married, that they aren’t losing him as a friend. Purchase them each a ticket for a sporting event that occurs in the future.

It will give them a chance to share a guy’s night out with the groom, even after he is “shackled”. Another option for groomsmen gift ideas would be gift cards for all of them to enjoy a dinner with the groom at one of his favorite restaurants.

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Not everything has to be a group gift. To add a little personalization to your groomsmen gifts, give each groomsmen two gifts. One of them is the one that matches the gifts for the other groomsmen. The other is a small token gift that is personalized.

As an example, if you have a friend that is a card player, a pack of cards with his name printed on the pack would be a customized gift for that groomsman. For a beer lover, a six pack of one of his favorite micro brews would be a personalized gift.

Presenting To The Groomsmen

As stated earlier, the gift is typically presented at the rehearsal dinner. How and who the gift is presented by is up to you. Traditionally the gift is from the groom to his groomsmen, but that’s not the only way to do it. The bride may want to present the gifts, signifying to the groomsmen that they are now not only his friends, but hers as well.

Another option is for the couple to present the gift together to the groomsmen.

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Useful Gifts For Groomsmen

When choosing your groomsmen gifts, purchase something that they will use.

Don’t just purchase a gift because it is a traditional choice. After all, not all groomsmen are the same, so choosing one of the groomsmen gift ideas that fits their interests with a little personalization shows that you thought of who you were buying the gift for, and appreciate their help with your special wedding day.

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