Best Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

There aren’t many more dates in a woman’s life that are more life changing than her wedding day. This is a day where she moves from living life on her own to dedicating that to the future love of her life. Even though it is her special day, she gets to share it with her friends.

These friends may have played large roles in her life as members of her family, coworkers or friends, and they are now her bridesmaids. They will share her day with her, laughing and crying, offering support and celebrating by the end of her ceremony.

The bride will want to thank these special members of her life with bridesmaid gifts.

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When choosing between bridesmaid gift ideas, the bride has many options. Some of these gifts will allow the bridal party to bond during the wedding ceremony. Others will allow her friends to remember their friend’s special day long after it has ended.

Some gifts will reinforce to her friends and family member that they aren’t losing her as a friend, just because she is gaining a life partner.

Personalized Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

One of the bridesmaid gift ideas that can be used to create a bond among the bachelorette party is jewelry. Each of the bridesmaids can each wear a pair of earrings that match the color of the bride’s color scheme for her wedding. They might also wear matching earrings.

If jewelry is not the choice, the bride may choose to share her favorite perfume by with the bridesmaids, purchasing them each a bottle of her favorite fragrance.

Sharing The Experience With Photos

The time leading up to the wedding itself provides many opportunities for bonding for the bride and her bridesmaids. These opportunities can be saved for future reminiscing together by taking photographs.

Depending on her budget, the bride may choose between traditional photograph frames for her bridesmaids and digital photograph frames that allow them to share many photographs from the time leading up to the wedding.

Being Thoughtful With Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

The wedding is a time of joy, and a milestone indicating the blossoming of a new lifelong relationship. Sometimes it can also be a time of fear for the bride and bridesmaids though. They fear that while the bride has a new partner, their friendships are going to be lost.

The bridesmaid can choose bridesmaid gift ideas to help reduce that fear. Instead of purchasing a gift that celebrates their past together, purchase one that promises a future together. Give each of the bridesmaids a gift certificate for an activity for them to do together with the bride after she is married.

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One idea would be for a day at a spa together after she is married and has returned from her honeymoon. Another option could be a dinner for them to join her and possibly her new husband as well. This is a gift that shows to them that they aren’t losing one of their old friends to married life.

Instead, they are maintaining their old friendship and gaining a new one with her spouse. Therefore, when choosing bridesmaid gift ideas, do take these into considerations!

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