Making Gift Delivery Just As Exciting As The Gift

So much time is spent on finding the perfect gift and staying within a set budget, that sometimes one of the most important things about exchanging gifts or giving a gift is forgotten, that is the gift delivery ideas.

The impact of a truly memorable gift can be reduced when it’s just thrust at someone in a box.

The recipient is left to sit there and go “gee, thanks”, and then open it.

Sometimes there’s that awkward stage where the gift purchaser is standing there for an extended period of time, not sure how to give them the gift, so he eventually just hands it to the recipient or asks if there is a gift table.

Gift tables are one option, but if you want to put a little more effort and impact into the presenting of the gift, take a few minutes to consider your delivery strategy or plan.

Make It Special With Gift Delivery Tips

Sometimes the little things are forgotten when giving a gift.

Think about how you feel when you receive a gift. This is a special occasion, make the recipient feel that way. Instead of just handing over the gift, offer a heartfelt comment on the occasion.

Hand the box to him and say “I bought you something that I hope will show how much I value you as a friend for your birthday.”

At a graduation or a retirement ceremony, hand the gift to the recipient personally. This will allow you to congratulate her on the accomplishment and make it more personal by giving her a hug or a handshake depending on your relationship the two of you share. After all, the gift is nice, but it’s the feeling and intent behind purchasing the gift that is what is truly being shared when you present a gift to someone.

Keeping The Illusion Going

Choosing the proper way to deliver a gift adds to the atmosphere of certain holidays, especially for children. Watching a child open a gift, or walk down the steps and discover gifts from someone that as an adult you know doesn’t exist just highlights that youthful innocence and excitement surrounding the holiday.

Holidays such as Easter (The Easter Bunny) and Christmas (Santa Claus) are great examples of these opportunities. On these holidays, frequently children will get gifts from both adults and the character associated with the holiday.

Find a way to differentiate the two when choosing how to deliver the gift.

Differentiate Types Of Gifts

One way is using different types of wrapping paper. Maybe Santa Claus will always use red wrapping paper in your house and sign the package with a silver highlighter pen.

The adults and other family members can then use a different type of wrapping paper to make the gifts from Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny stand out as soon as the child sees them.

Another variation on this to try is to choose not to wrap the gifts that are delivered from Santa Claus. Have them under the tree, displayed for the children. This works best at younger ages though, for older children the mystery of opening a wrapped gift provides the excitement.

Gift Exchanges and Gift Exchange Games

Gift exchanges and gift exchange games are another opportunity to spice up the delivery of the gift. By turning a gift exchange into a game it makes it much more exciting than just handing a gift to another person.

One method is the White Elephant Gift Exchanges.

In these exchanges each person is given a number to start a round of the game. When a round starts, the person with number either opens a wrapped gift or steals an unwrapped gift from someone else.

That person that has the gift stolen can then open an unwrapped gift or steal from someone else. The round ends when someone opens a wrapped gift.

It is a good idea to limit the number of steals to three in a round before a new gift must be opened. The third person to steal a gift keeps it without a risk of it being stolen from him. The game is a way to make the gift exchange last longer and serve as a delivery idea that is more entertaining than a quick exchange of gifts.

Creativity Is The Key To Gift Delivery

The key to making your gift delivery memorable is being creative. The way you present the gift should not be an afterthought, but a consideration when purchasing the gift. Choosing the right gift delivery ideas can make your gift giving that much more rewarding and entertaining.

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