Gift Basket Ideas That Put The Fun Back Into Gift Giving

One of the great things about choosing from gift basket ideas is that they are a lot of fun. Not only are they fun for the recipient to open, they are fun to give as well. Preparing a gift basket allows you to use your creativity and knowledge of the gift recipient.

No longer are you just going through the motions of going to a store and picking out a gift that many others might show up to the party with as well. No, the gift basket is something you design, and allows you to show the recipient how creative you can be and how much you know about him.

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Gift Basket Ideas – It’s A Scavenger Hunt

Putting together a gift basket is a game. It’s a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt in which you already have all the clues. The clues are what you know about the person you are buying the gift basket for. You are going to personalize this gift for her directly. You don’t have to purchase a gift that “almost matches” her interests.

As an example. If she loves to cook, don’t give in and purchase one of the prepackaged gift packs of spices, rubs, marinades or barbecue sauces. Think about some of the types of sauces and seasonings she likes to cook with best. Purchase those individually and then package them in your own gift basket.

Choose some based on the types of spices and others possibly on the shape or design of the containers or the pictures on them to not only season her food, but decorate her kitchen. The same situation with a beer lover. Think about the types of beers he likes to drink and take it to the next level. Find a variety of different beers in those styles and package them into his gift basket.

Creativity Doesn’t Stop With The Gift Selection

How many times have you looked at a gift box or a store-prepared gift basket and thought to yourself “boy is that ugly”.

Well, guess what, when you are preparing your own gift baskets for your gift recipients you don’t have to settle for that Mass Produced Boredom.

This is the chance to show some creativity.

Purchase a gift basket and decorate it. This might range from ideas such as painting the basket to decorating it with a variety of stickers and photographs. Remember, the gift basket is what will be seen first. Make it stand out. Have some fun with it. Once again, this is a chance for you to enjoy giving a gift when preparing your gift basket ideas.

Gift Baskets Are Fun To Receive

Think about the experience when you open a gift. You tear open the gift wrapping in anticipation, see what the gift is and move on to the next one. Later in the day or days later you get to actually get your hands on the gift after everyone has left. When you give a gift basket, the recipient gets to explore the gift immediately when she opens it.

With a gift basket that is a collection of items, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

Take the beer example from earlier. He gets to look at each bottle, digging into the basket for the next one. Every bottle is a new gift to explore. At the bottom of the basket might be a gift certificate, recipe book, or food to compliment the other gift items. Opening a gift basket is like opening a treasure chest, fun and exciting.

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Stand Out From The Crowd With Exciting Gift Basket Ideas

Remember that old saying “you get what you receive”?

Well, if you give boring and standard gifts to all of your friends and family members, that is what you should expect to receive in return. If you purchase a gift that is fun and original like handmade gift basket ideas, you might find yourself having fun opening one yourself.

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