Creative Corporate Gift Ideas

When hosting a conference, you really hope that your guests attend because they want to pay attention to the information that will be shared at the conference. While that is true, many find some of the things they remember most from a corporate conference or seminar are the creative corporate gift ideas they receive in their gift bags.

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Creative Corporate Gift Ideas

You probably don’t have the budget to give away items they do at entertainment awards shows such as the Academy Awards. There aren’t many companies that can give away vehicles, expensive jewelry and cutting edge electronics that haven’t been released to the public yet. That’s ok though, it just means you are going to have to be a little more creative with your gift ideas.

Useful And Practical Corporate Gift Ideas

Start out with something practical for your guests. If you are hosting an event at a hotel, talk to the businesses in the area near where you are conducting the seminar.

If there is a movie theater in the area, contact the manager and arrange for a private viewing of a movie that has just recently been released. Give each guest a movie ticket as well as a gift card with enough value on it to pay for items such as popcorn and a snack during the movie. Ask the manager of the theater for a private room for your guests to gather in before the movie. This will allow them to network.

Providing the entertainment can be especially helpful when most attendees are from out of town, after all you can only sit in a hotel room for so long without getting bored.

Foods Are Excellent Corporate Gifts Ideas

Everyone at our conference is going to have to eat. As the host you may provide a few meals during the seminar, but guests may enjoy the opportunity to dine on their own as well. Instead of including a gift card for a specific restaurant, offer your guests a little bit or variety. Work with local restaurants to create a variety of offers. These can range from specific dollar value discounts or percentage discounts.

Other gifts could include a free appetizer or dessert. Provide a card to each guest of your event that will be recognized by the participating restaurants. Each guest just has to provide their card to any restaurant they visit to get their discount.

Versatile Corporate Gift Ideas

Some gifts are ones that attendees will be able to use both at the event and once they return home. You might not be able to afford to purchase televisions costing in the thousands for each guest, but there are many affordable electronic gifts that are affordable.

One of those is a handheld digital video recorder. Many of these can be purchased for less than $50 today. The digital recorder will allow your guests to record memories at the conference and use it for personal use when they return home.

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Lucky Corporate Gift Ideas

One final business gift idea are lottery tickets. One option is to purchase an assortment of scratch-off lottery tickets for each guest. This gives you the opportunity to give away much more money than you actually have in your budget.

If you get a big winner you might even end up with your conference in the news article about the winning ticket. Combining all or some of these items will add creativity to your corporate gift ideas.

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