Small Gift Ideas That Allow You To Use Your Creativity

There are many different events that you will be invited to that traditionally require bringing a gift. Sometimes those invitations hit at the most inopportune of times. Bills are due, unexpected expenses arise, and then that invitation shows up in your mailbox or email inbox.

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Just because your budget is hurting at the time, doesn’t mean you are going to have to turn down that invitation.

The key to choosing between small gift ideas is finding one that makes the gift the amount of time and thought put into selecting and creating the gift just as much of a gift as the gift itself.

Example Of Small Gift Ideas

As an example, if it’s for someone you are close to, create a collection of handmade gift certificates. Instead of being redeemable for large and expensive items, these can be redeemed for personal services and gifts.

As an example, some gift certificates might be good for preparing a meal at home one night for the recipient, another might be good for washing his car. They can even be for items that won’t cost you a cent such as a hug, kiss or other sign of affection, especially if you are romantically involved with the gift recipient. These small gift ideas are valued based on much more than what is on the receipt.

Consider Recipient’s Hobbies Or Needs

Sometimes events arise in which a small gift is appropriate, even if you aren’t closely related to or involved with the recipient of the gift.

If the gift recipient is someone that enjoys a hobby, a subscription to a magazine that matches that hobby will be well received. If he enjoys a hobby such as gardening or cooking, some unique gifts such as seedlings to start his own herb garden, or a collection of seasonings to use on the grill are small gifts that show you put some thought into the gift selection process.

If you know the gift recipient enjoys certain types of meals but never has time to cook for himself, prepare a few meals and freeze them for him as a gift to reheat in the evenings after work.

One Pound Gift Exchange Party

If you are invited to a gift exchange event, choose from small gift ideas that are outside the obvious. As an example, you may be invited to a gift exchange party where everyone must bring a gift that is anything they wish, but it must weigh exactly one pound.

Go to a local candy store that sells candy by the pound and create a bag with a large variety of candies, possibly many from your childhood that are hard to find currently in stores. Another option would be to put together a stationery kit of letterhead, envelopes, pencils, pens and stamps that weigh exactly one pound.

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Memorable Small Gift Ideas

Gifts do not have to be monumental in size to be remembered for a long period of time. The amount of time and thought you put into choosing a gift and possibly creating itself have a large value to the recipient of the gift. Purchasing a gift is not a competitive activity, but if you feel it must be treated that way, make your gift stand out from others in ways other than the money you spent on the gift or the size of the gift.

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