Show Your Creative Side With Novelty Gift Ideas

If you are trying to buy a gift for that person that seems to have everything already, or you have no idea what he wants, novelty gift ideas present a unique opportunity. What is a novelty gift?

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Well, it’s a gift that really doesn’t fit into any other specific gift category, or one that fits into many different categories so you can’t pigeon hole it into one specific category. Novelty gifts are frequently thought of as humorous or joke gifts and that is one way to look at them.

They can also be functional gifts, such as a watch that has a radio installed into it. When choosing a novelty gift, you get to show your creative side.

Novelty Gift Ideas

Humorous novelty gifts are very popular. Go into a convenience store and you might find bubble gum that is flavored like hot sauce, or a fake spider to place on your girlfriend’s bed. A whoopee cushion is a classic humorous novelty gift. It’s a gift that is designed just for a childish laugh.

Sometimes these are given to children, but other times they are given to help the adults on your list remember what it’s like to be a child and laugh again.

If you have someone with a great sense of humor, she will appreciate one of these novelty gifts. For someone with a very serious personality, it might get him out of that rut and expose a humorous side that you never knew he had.

Small Items Can Be Novelty Gift Ideas

Small and practical are another type of novelty gifts. How many times have you found yourself looking for a pair of scissors, but none were around. A gift such as a small set of scissors that folds up into a key chain will solve that problem.

For those that travel alone at night quite often, a small flashlight that clips onto a key chain is another option. In the kitchen, a magnet that has a bottle opener stored inside and ejects with a single press of a button is another small novelty gift that will come in handy when hosting a party and someone has lost the beer opener in the middle of the night.

For the poker player, personalized poker chips with his name or even better yet a photograph of himself on each chip will get a laugh out of his friends and keep your card night supplied with unique poker chips.

Practical Novelty Gift Ideas

Novelty gift ideas can be practical as well. Think of a key chain or a remote control for the television that will make a chirping sound if you clap, so you can find it. There are small clocks that fit into the palm of your hand, but project the time onto a wall so you can see it easily throughout the night. These are great gifts for frequent travelers.

Travelers might find novelty computer gifts such as a folding keyboard or a mouse with a retractable cord as useful novelty gifts.

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Many Novelty Gift Ideas

The large variety of gifts in the novelty gift category make these great gifts for when you just can’t figure out what to get that last person on your gift list for the holidays. These are gifts they might never have thought of for themselves, making novelty gift ideas great gifts for someone that wants to be surprised.

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