Pleasing The Recipient With Unique Gift Ideas

By spending a little extra time on your gift selection of unique gift ideas, you can avoid those words that every gift giver hates to hear.

Those words are “Oh, I already have that”.

Just as disappointing can be when you think you have chosen the perfect gift for the recipient and then as you watch her open her gifts, you see her get the same or very similar gifts from multiple people before she gets to your gift.

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How To Get Unique Gift Ideas

The question that arises then is how to choose a gift that is unique enough that others won’t think of it, but one that isn’t so unique that the recipient has little interest in receiving the gift. There are several steps to take to succeed in this goal.

Brainstorm And Create A List

Start with brainstorming and creating a list. Don’t create a list of gift ideas right away. Instead, you are going to want to create a list of interests of the person that you are purchasing a gift for. Come up with at least four to five hobbies or interests for that person.

Next to each interest create a list of some of the items associated with each of those hobbies.

Unique Approach To Unique Gift Ideas

Once you have those lists, look closely at the items you have written down. Think of a unique approach to each item.

As an example if you have written down sports as a hobby and sports equipment as an item, choose something you won’t find at every store. One opportunity would be autographed sports equipment from the recipient’s favorite player, another would be a hat featuring the team’s logo which you haven’t seen in other stores.

Create An Unique Experience

Sometimes a unique gift does not have to be an item, it’s an experience instead. If your gift recipient has an interest in food and enjoys fine dining, you can give him a gift experience that lasts a night, but the memories last much longer.

Find a restaurant in your local area that has what is called a “chef’s table”. At a chef’s table, the guests dine in the kitchen or somewhere close to the kitchen where they can observe the kitchen activities. The chef then creates a special menu for those guests. Frequently this is a menu of many small portions of different menu items.

It’s not unusual for those at a chef’s table to be served between 15 and 20 different items both from the menu and items the chef makes specifically for them to try. Frequently these are new items that he is considering adding to the menu.

The chef’s table is not the only opportunity for interaction with someone special as a gift.

Attend An Unique Event

Other ideas such as this might be tickets to a grand opening of a business or restaurant that will be attended by celebrities the gift recipient is a fan of.

Another unique gift opportunity could be to give him a once in a lifetime experience. Examples of these might be riding in a high speed race car on a race track, or flying in a private jet at speeds he could only imagine before experiencing it.

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The key to finding those perfect unique gift ideas aren’t just choosing unique gift ideas, but ones that will appeal to the interests of the gift recipient.

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