Creative Gift Ideas That Nobody Will Guess What’s In The Box

So, one of the things you might hear from people the most frequently when you ask for gift suggestions is “surprise me”. When you look at what those people end up buying, not much of an effort was actually made to purchase a surprise.

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Don’t be one of those people.

Instead of being a slave to the marketers out there, use your imagination when putting together a list of creative gift ideas to choose from for your next gift giving event. Rather than thinking of the items that the recipient would like to receive, think of the categories.

Generating Creative Gift Ideas

Once you have the categories to use as a guide, you can create your own personalized list of creative gift ideas for your shopping list. A couple things to remember is that your gift does not have to be one that is sold in stores, or if it is, it can be a collection of items.

Personalized Gift Basket

Start by creating your own personalized gift basket. To create the gift basket for the recipient, choose items that match the theme you have chosen.

As an example, let’s say the individual likes to read. Start out with choosing a couple of books from an author you know that she likes. Help her keep up to date with her favorite writers by getting her a subscription to a magazine about her favorite book genre.

Of course she is going to need some accessories for her book reading. Start with a book light so she can read her books in bed at night. Choose some of her favorite snacks to enjoy while reading, and then package these all up in a large cardboard box decorated to appear like a book before wrapping it.

Creative Gift Ideas Include Yourself

Give yourself as a gift instead of a physical gift.

If you can’t think of something that the gift recipient really needs, chances are he doesn’t really need anything. He might need help in the future though.

Give him collection of gift certificates that you have created. These gift certificates can be for help around the house such as helping with a home repair or yard work. They can also be for assistance such as a ride to the airport before a business trip.

Another idea is a gift certificate to redeem for a homemade meal whenever he wishes, when he gives you at least 48 hours in advance. This type of gift can be helpful for someone who is a bachelor or whose spouse is out of town frequently.

Make Something Yourself

Other creative gifts include those that you create yourself. If you two have been friends for a long time, create a scrap book that helps her remember all the good times you have shared.

If she has a new home, a hand decorated vase or photograph frame will be something unique to display in her new home. If you love to cook and so does she, create a variety of different spice blends for flavoring meats and poultry. Some of these could be spicy and some sweet, while others are a combination of the two.

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Gifts From The Heart

Gifts are not given from the store, they are given from the heart. Putting a little bit of thought and time into creating a gift shows you care. Another benefit is he will never know how much you spent.

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