Cheap Gift Ideas That Are Budget Friendly

We have all been there, bills have been due for weeks, you’ve finally paid off an unexpected cost for a utility repair in your home, and your children have just found out they need to contribute money for a school activity. The financial obligations are piling up, and then you see that little rectangular envelope in your mailbox.

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You’ve been invited to a birthday party or other holiday event which requires bringing a gift. Just when you thought you were going to catch up financially, it’s another expense. Don’t worry though, it’s not how much money you spend on the gift, but the thought behind it.

If you think and plan ahead of time for events like this, you can choose from cheap gift ideas that will not appear to be cheap to the recipient.

Tips For Cheap Gift Ideas

One tip for saving up for these unexpected gifts, is to be smart when dining out. Join any rewards programs your favorite restaurants offer for frequent diners. These programs will frequently offer specials bonuses to members such as a gift card after spending a certain amount of money throughout the year, or a coupon for a free appetizer for a smaller amount of spending.

Instead of using these rewards as you earn them, save the coupons you are awarded. Use these coupons as small gifts when you need to save money on cheap gift ideas.

Making Use Of Your Talents

Your own skills are a gift that you shouldn’t keep to yourself. You might not be able to afford to purchase a gift at the time, but you can offer yourself as a gift. Actually, what you are offering is your time. Purchase a card, and inside of that card include a couple of index cards. On each of the cards, write a service which the recipient can redeem the index card for. Some examples include running laundry to the laundromat for him or providing a ride to and from the airport for his next business trip to help him avoid the expense of a cab.

Stock Up Cheap Gift Ideas During Sales

Being prepared can help you keep an assortment of cheap gift ideas available in your home, that will not appear cheap to the recipient. Throughout the year, pay attention to sales for items that you frequently purchase as gifts. If you are purchasing a toy or art supplies for your child and the store is offering a “buy one, get one free sale”, keep the item you get free in a closet.

Do this throughout the year for items ranging from toys to accessories such as socks, gloves, umbrellas, hats and other small items. This will keep you stocked up for the next time a gift giving event comes and you need to choose a gift when your budget can’t handle purchasing one.

The Christmas holiday season comes up at the end of the year, so these gifts that you have not handed out may make for some good stocking stuffer or gifts for gift exchanges that you are invited to.

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Don’t forget the needy during the holidays either. If you find you don’t have a use for these items at the end of the year, save a few as an emergency supply for next year, but donate the others to charity. Those that have little will not judge you for cheap gift ideas, but rejoice instead.

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