Answering The Challenge Of Choosing Cool Gift Ideas

When you are choosing a gift, finding a gift is the easy part, but choosing cool gift ideas take more time and creativity.

We have all heard that request when you ask someone what they want as a gift. They respond “surprise me” or “choose something cool”. What they are really asking you to do is to choose a gift that is different from what they usually receive as gifts.

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This means using a little creativity, and thinking outside of the generic gift ideas. For some of those gifts it involves a larger amount of cash than the typical gift, but for others it just requires a little more personal involvement.

What Are Cool Gift Ideas?

Choosing a gift that truly expresses your emotions will be unique and serve as a cool gift. This is especially true for a boyfriend you are trying to win over or even a spouse you have been married to for decades.

Playing Cards With Messages

Take a look at a deck of 52 playing cards It can give you a really cool idea for a gift. On each card, write the reasons that you love the person you are giving the gift to. It might be difficult to create 52 different reasons, but you can get some help with that.

Use famous sayings about love, or lyrics from songs the two of you like. You might want to use a post it on each card instead of writing on the card directly. Punch a hole in the top center of each card and connect the deck of cards with wire.

Gifts That Are Personalized

Personalized gifts are another type of gift that are cool. There are several different ways you can customize gifts. One way is to purchase gifts with the individual’s name on them. Have a photograph of the individual’s favorite sports stadium with the screen displaying his name on the scoreboard.

For a little more money, you can have his name printed on a replica jersey for that team. Another way to personalize a gift is to have it engraved. An example of a cool gift for someone retiring from a company would be to give her an engraved plate with the company’s name on the plate, the years she worked there and the names of each of her coworkers.

One Of A Kind Are Cool Gift Ideas

Cool gifts can also be items that are one of a kind. Owning a gift that nobody else in the world owns will make it that much more valuable for the recipient.

An autographed book or movie dedicated to someone with a message from one of the stars or producers in the movie is something unique and cool that others will not be likely to own.

Making a donation in the name of someone to a charity that they care about is another cool and unique gift as it’s not something that is likely to be given by someone else that doesn’t know the recipient as well as you do.

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Cool gifts are not easy to come up with. They take a bit of work. The reward for that work is the look on the face of the recipient though when he realizes how cool the gift is and how much time and work you put into choosing cool gift ideas just for him.

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